Amplifier new version with better PCB (70um copper weight).

Soon for sale here.


HifiLab is a project aimed to realize HiFi apparatuses (a DAC, a preamplifier and a power amplifier), available in kit, preassembled or finished with alluminium chassis, with technical characteristics (objective) and sound quality (subjective) similar to branded apparatuses of a many times higher cost. In the schematics of these apparatuses there is nothing particularly innovative: fundamentalally they are copies of famous apparatuses (with excellent sound qualities as recognized from specialized press) that in the last years have been object of argument in international diyers Internet forums.

Through fruitful discussions in these forums HiFiLab has arrived to its particular deployments of these devices. These deployments really do not differs much from other analogous proposals in other Internet sites because the space of possible modifications from the originals is limited, given the minimal formulation to the schematics from the planners.

The main job of HiFiLab has been to select the better configurations (from our point of view), to design the electrical schematics, the layout of the printed circuit boards and to choose components with good quality/price ratio in aim to propose complete kit so that also the beginner diyer could realize his high quality HiFi apparatus.